Out of Commision

I've had a bit of a set back.

Two weeks ago I decided to take the kids rollerskating. I had planned to stay in my sneakers and help the kids learn to skate. It was one of my favorite childhood activities, so I was excited to teach them.

After awhile I noticed that the kids kept taking breaks and the skates were just sitting there. I tried on a pair and they fit! I was shaky at first- just rolling on the carpet to see if I still remembered how to skate. I finally got the nerve to head out onto the rink. It was exhilarating! I was starting to get my confidence back. It was fun! 

My skates were only rentals and they were terrible. The left foot spun super fast and the right stuck. I was still having fun so I kept going. At this point two small girls started cutting across the rink from the center to the outside. I was afraid we were going to collide so I tried to turn out of the way. My left foot went skidding out from under me and I went down hard on my left hand. I instantly knew I had broken my wrist. It was deformed and a lump had formed. This turned out to be my radial bone in five pieces. 

I had a wonderful surgeon, Dr. Culp, who put me back together. I now have a plate and 11 screws in my wrist. It will be approximately 10-12 weeks before I can make jewelry again. I have full confidence that I will be 100% again.

Please be patient with me. New pieces will be coming soon!