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Fine Jewelry & Custom Lapidary

I love having the ability to hand cut my stones. It's fun to see what I can do, and gives me the flexibility to design one-of-a-kind pieces that focus on nature's beauty. I have also been able to find incredible stones from around the world expertly cut by others. You can choose from my line of finished jewelry or collaborate with me to voice your unique style.

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Petrified Opalized Wood! Found near copper mines, the rich colors of blues, greens and golds make these pieces pop!

Fossil Palmroot earrings
  • $410.00
Hells Canyon petrified wood earrings
  • $710.00
Hells Canyon petrified wood earrings
  • $735.00
Large Hells Canyon Petrified wood pendant on brown leather cord
  • $740.00
Opalized Petrified Wood Earrings
  • $537.00

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Opalized Petrified Wood Earrings
  • $665.00
Opalized Petrified Wood necklace
  • $660.00
Petrified Wood Earrings
  • $710.00